1. BECAUSE we are the only manufactures using material Chromium-Molybdenum, which is the best for scooters. The frame is made from molded, textured profiles that allow you to use maximum strength of the material (reaching values of 800-1000 MPa). The mechanically resistant frame utilizes extreme strength of the material used. The frame has a load capacity of over 200 kg (in this regard, we are limited by load capacity provided by the manufacturer of wheels), while maintaining a comfortable ride eliminating unwanted vibrations. Shape of the construction, with the calculated optimum process of variable torque stress, minimizes frame weight while maintaining high strength. The result is a perfect driving characteristic while maintaining the sleek design.

2. BECAUSE our MORXES scooters have excellent geometry that is very important for driving and usually, apart from bicycles, the geometry factor in the production of scooters is pushed into the background. We are opposite. Usually scooters are long and cannot turn on them.

3. BECAUSE the MORXES scooters use only premium components, we do not use any Chinese "low end" like most competitors, this is a reason why our price is higher, but the ride comfort is x times better. The ride is excellent experience.

4. BECAUSE the MORXES wheels use only Japanese industrial bearings. If the bearing is a cheap component, scooter will ride much worse and you will have to work much harder and you will not like it in time.

5. BECAUSE the MORXES wheels are really designed up to 120 kg dynamic load (load driving). We do not attempt to mislead you that our scooters MORXES will load 150 kg when wheels are dimensioned e.g. only 85 kg!

6. BECAUSE the MORXES only use Continental and Michelin tires. We do not use Schwalbe - it was only on the model Adventure and these are already replaced by Conti. Both brands have a much better composition, quite markedly rigid sides and not suffer the defects of poor quality production (e.g. a crackling cords or unevenly vulcanised mixtures). We also ensure absolute newest tire casing, i.e. production in late 2014 or only 2015 (the Schwalbe tires casings are constantly occurring with the year of manufacture 2004 in the Czech Republic is!!!).

7. BECAUSE we use the Avid V-brakes, which compared to Shimano have luxuriously shaped brake levers that do not cut into the fingers, even in a really long downhills. In addition, mounting of the roller cable is firmly casted, so that there is no levers noise when driving on loose surfaces. Brakes have significantly better brake fluid than the widely used Shimano Acera (BLT-4000).

8. BECAUSE we only use brushed stainless wires, Bowden cables with silicon casing, sealed aluminum Bowden tips for maximum system longevity.

9. BECAUSE we use disc brakes Avid and Shimano. For Avid a mechanical caliper BB7, which is still the best disc brake used in Cyclocross. It has separately adjustable left and right brake pad, the control lever bearing (competition has only bushings) and especially sintered (metallic composition) brake pads - much higher service life, improved braking efficiency. Brakes have better performance than 90% of their hydraulic colleagues supplied on the market. Moreover, they have zero maintenance costs and ease of serviceability. For Shimano we use hydraulic models Alivio and Deore. Both have a trouble-free operation, using mineral oil instead of brake fluid; guarantee a long life and minimal service costs.

10. BECAUSE we love scooters and produce them with love.

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